Dexter Modern Cat Tower


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A contemporary reinterpretation of the cat tower; Dexter combines functionality with minimalistic style. This three-storey cat tree is great for multiple cat households that looking for an extraordinary design. 

Your feline friend will enjoy sleeping deeply in the condos and watching the house on top of her tower.


Crafted From Natural Wood

Nothing beats the wood when you want to bring nature to your home. Dexter’s materials come from sustainably managed forests to give your cat the best experience. Your kitty will enjoy countless naps for many years to come in her favorite cat house. 

Three Stories for Ultimate Functionality

Soft and comfortable cushions on each level, jump platforms for climbing, and a high spot for keeping eye on the house.  Dexter Cat Tower ensures your kitty has maximum benefits.

Modern Pet Furniture 

Dexter doesn’t compromise the modern design while providing maximum functionality. You will not want to hide this cat furniture from your guests. Dexter has every potential to become an amazing object of your tastefully designed interior decoration. 

Designed to Last

You will not have to look for any other cat tower for years. Dexter is sturdy enough to host thousands of naps and countless plays for many years. The durable wood material stands tall and strong on the floor, making it impossible for Dexter to slip or fall.

Why would I Prefer This Modern Cat Tower?

  • A piece of pet furniture that blends perfectly with any style of home decor

  • Long-lasting and sustainable material

  • Soft cushion on each level that is made from fur-repellent fabric

  • Modern and elegant style

  • Great for multiple cats, even for small dogs

  • Light and natural wood color

  • Easy installation

  • Disassembled structure

  • Great present for cat owners

  • Dimensions: 36 x 13 x 13-inch




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