Blue Nose Pitbulls [ + 8 Interesting Facts that You Need to Hear About]

Pitbulls... A dangerous and intimidating dog breed, they say. The truth, however, is a little different. While it's true that they are physically strong dogs, blue nose pitbulls are friendly dogs.

Much like the bodybuilder at your local gym, if you know them for who they are, you might be a little surprised. Blue pitbulls and blue nose pitbulls have become the lately recent trend, as opposed to red nose pitbulls which were all anyone would talk about a few years ago, and still do to this date. But, before you get bitten by all the hype surrounding blue nose pitbulls, take a moment to read this article and learn everything you need to know to determine if owning a blue nose pitbull is right for your lifestyle.

blue nose pitbull

The Bad Reputation Around Blue Nose Pitbulls

The thing with Pitbulls is that they are commonly believed to be aggressive dogs that enjoy attacking people. Blue-nosed pitbulls that are properly raised in a caring and loving environment will not show aggressive behavior and will act like any other properly raised dog. But, commit the same crime many people do to pitbulls and raise them to use in sickening dogfights, and you'll have yourself a bloodthirsty pitbull that's very dangerous to be around. Pitbulls weren't born aggressive, they were taught to be by disgusting people. Take any dog breed other than Pitbulls and house them in a hostile environment and teach them to be aggressive, and they will exhibit exactly that behavior. It all depends on how the dogs are raised and the habits they acquire at this stage of their life. So if you are considering owning a new blue nose pitbull, rest assured that with the proper background checks and with a reliable source that can sell you a blue nose pitbull, you will have nothing to worry about. It's the same procedure as buying any other breed of dog out there, you just need to do your due diligence.


 A Note About Blue Nose Pitbulls Skin Color

Bluenose pitbulls have a gray undertone to their skin due to a recessive gene that causes a lack of black pigment in their skin and coat, thanks to 2 breeding parents who have a gray undertone recessive pigment gene. This recessive gene causes a decrease in the production of a type of melanin called eumelanin (black pigment). Since there are not enough pigments distributed in the dog's coat and skin, the dog's skin color gets diluted and a shade of gray is the result. Depending on how much pigment finds its way to the skin or not, blue-nosed pitbulls can have darker charcoal gray skin (due to more pigment getting on the skin and coat) or gray skin. Pale silver to them (due to less pigment that has made its way to skin and coat). You can notice the difference in the dog's skin, in places such as the nose, gums, the belly, and the coat.

 blue nose pitbull

How do Blue Nose Pitbulls come to life?

The recessive trait in Pitbulls is always exploited by dog breeders to sell more blue-nosed pitbulls at a higher price than they really should. Dog breeders will breed Blue Nose Pitbulls with look-alike Blue Nose Pitbulls in an attempt to increase their chances of getting a newborn Blue Nose Pitbull puppy. This results in several blue nose puppies. The terrible thing is, to further increase their chances of getting newborn bluenose pitbull puppies, dog breeders breed blue nose pitbulls from the same family, which can cause terrible health risks to these dogs later on in their lives.


This is just to say that the chances of these things happening are more than you will face with other breeds of dogs, simply because many blue Pitbulls come from inbreeding and have low levels of melanin in their bodies, which both lead to these health risks. We will discuss these health risks later in this article.

 blue nose pitbull

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #1

 Interestingly enough, and despite what most people might think because of its name, blue nose pitbulls don't always have blue noses. Bluenose pitbulls can indeed be born with a blue nose, a gray nose, a red nose, or a black nose. So if you meet a Pitbull with a blue or black nose next time and someone tells you it's a Blue Nosed Pitbull, don't be surprised, they're still big in that category even though. 'they don't have a blue nose on them!

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #2

Bluenose Pitbulls love to exercise. They are one of the best dog breeds that love to lead a physically demanding life. So, it has to be said that if you don't like to exercise and get up and move around a lot, and don't try to think of outlets your blue nose pitbull can channel their love for exercise, it's worth Better that you don't get one in the first place, because you two would just be a bad match from the start. If you don't give them daily exercise and a way to channel all that energy built up inside of them, your blue nose pitbull will become miserable (you'll notice it), and you run the risk of showing them aggressive behavior. to you, any other person in your household, and all your personal belongings and valuables. Think about it, when you're cranky and moody, how low does your tolerance level get? The same goes for your blue nose pitbull. So to keep it short, to the point, and the point, if you don't plan on taking the time to take them out for exercise every day, or if you don't have a suitable space on your property for them to walk around every day and release all the energy built up inside them, forget about buying a blue nose pitbull, they just aren't cut out for you.

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #3

Blue-nosed Pitbulls are one of the most emotional and sensitive dog breeds you can ever find. What does this mean for you? If you're looking for a dog that will make you feel appreciated for all the good ways you treat them, blue nose pitbulls are the dogs for you.


However, there is also a negative side to this, because if you treat a blue nose pitbull the wrong way (like some of the wrong ways discussed in dog training in this article), you are going to have a hard time winning them back. unconditional love, affection, and loyalty the same as before. They are pickier in this aspect than other dog breeds. For a dog with such a negative reputation, you'd be surprised to learn that when raised in an appropriate, caring, and loving environment at a young age, Blue Nose Pitbulls grow up to be one of the most friendly, caring, and friendly dogs around. affectionate dogs. Whether it's playing around you, members of your household they know and know, or other friends they have, you won't have to worry about a thing or two. `they are properly bred. You only have to worry about having a pitbull around your family if they were raised like a lot of disturbed people like to raise them to be aggressive, bloodthirsty dogs.


Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #4

Bluenose Pitbulls are known to be prone to certain illnesses, diseases, and illnesses more than other dog breeds, due to the inbreeding that was necessary for them to come to life. For example, they are known to be prone to grass allergies, heart disease, and cataracts more than their counterparts from other dog breeds. It is still necessary that you continue regular check-ups for your dog with your veterinarian to make sure all is well, and the fact that blue-nosed pitbulls are more prone to certain health issues than other dog breeds should give you some comfort. `all the more reason to do that. One of the most common illnesses blue nose pitbulls go through in their lives is Mange. Mange also known as canine mange, is the result of parasitic mites that cause your dog to itch excessively. In some extreme cases, the itching can be severe enough to lead to infections that can lead to your dog's death. It's not impossible to treat Mange, there is a treatment for it, but it's more complicated than it may seem. Your dog might have to be subjected to chemical shampoos that are applied to his fur and skin, which will cause him terrible pain. Also, some studies suggest that due to the severe lack of melanin in blue nose pitbulls, some of them may be born deaf with really poor vision.

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #5

Blue-nose Pitbulls are one of the smartest dog breeds out there. This is wonderful news for anyone who wants to train their dog, because Blue Nose Pitbulls are one of the easiest dog breeds to train and teach, due to their high level of intelligence.


Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #6

Blue-nosed Pitbulls like to jump around, so if you don't like having a dog jump around you when they want to greet you and show you, love, think twice before jumping around. `get a blue nose pitbull. Sure, you can train them (just like you can train all dog breeds) to stop jumping like that, but it will take some effort on your part (or money out of your pocket for a professional trainer) to do it. Given the strong physical nature of pitbulls, you won't want them jumping around and all over you all day anyway! Speaking of jumping, you'd be surprised how well-bred pitbulls, including blue nose pitbulls, can jump over the fence in your yard. That's why it's recommended that you install at least a 6-foot fence (higher if possible) to keep your blue-nosed pitbull from jumping over it.

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #7

When they learn to socialize and learn to be friendly with other dogs early in their lives, blue-nosed Pitbulls are one of the most socially outgoing dog breeds out there. But, trying to teach blue-nosed pitbulls to be friendly with other dogs when they are a bit older and have become mature dogs, is something of a daunting task. That's why it's extremely important to ask about the blue-nosed pitbull you want to buy before you get it or get a background check or get a little blue-nosed pitbull puppy and do it yourself. Same!

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #8

People are often made to believe that pitbulls, including blue nose pitbulls, are excellent watchdogs. The truth is, blue nose pitbulls are usually friendly dogs, even around strangers they don't know. So unless you hire a professional dog trainer to train your dog to be a good guard dog, you won't get anywhere with that thought. It's ridiculously easy for a stranger to win the love of your blue nose pitbull with something as insignificant as a tasty treat. Conclusion on Blue-nosed Pitbulls In conclusion, you need to consider all the facts mentioned above when deciding whether you want to buy a blue nose Pitbull or not, and see how well they fit your lifestyle and your needs. And when it comes to health issues that blue nose pitbulls are at risk for, they remain risks in the end. Just because a dog is at risk of developing certain health issues does not necessarily mean those dogs will develop those health issues, it just means there is a greater likelihood compared to other breeds of dogs.

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