Black and White Cat Breeds ( The Reason Behind Their Popularity and Perfection)

      Combining the elegance of black cats and the purity of white cats is possible! Some small felines indeed display both colors on their coats, in proportions and with patterns that vary quite a bit from one individual to another.

  More broadly, small bicolor felines (that is to say of two different colors) are far from rare. However, those among them who are white and black are more popular than those with another color combination.

  Here is some information on these cats that do not leave indifferent, as well as some examples of breeds among which we find them.


 Black and White Cat Breeds

  Why are black and white cat breeds popular?

  Cats with a two-tone coat are far from rare, and the possible color combinations are numerous: gray and white, black and red, white and red, etc. The black and white color pattern is not the most widespread of them, but it has several peculiarities that make it popular.

  First of all, the contrast linked to the association of these two “opposing” colors (black and white) and the very clear demarcation between the different stains give clear and well-drawn patterns, which give them a certain elegance. We also find this particularity in some black tortie cats (black and red), but not in all: their colored hairs are sometimes very mixed, to the point that there are no very distinct areas.

  Moreover, the proportions of black and white are quite variable from one individual to another: some are almost entirely black, others are predominantly white, still, others are roughly half and half, etc. The patterns are also quite variable: spots on the head, drawings on the body, white feet on black legs...

Black and white cat breeds, therefore, have something visually appealing to many feline lovers.

 black and white cat breeds

The different types of black and white cat breeds

  Talking about black and white cat breeds, in general, doesn't necessarily make much sense. Indeed, there are different types, which are distinguished by the proportion of black hairs and white hairs, as well as by the distribution of these in the fur.

   10 breeds of black and white cat breeds

  To date, there is no breed consisting solely of black and white cats. On the other hand, this combination is one of the possible dresses for many of them, in quite variable proportions from one to another.


  The European

  Famous cousin of the alley cat, which it looks a lot like (and which can also be black and white), the European is a good imposing tomcat, with a muscular body and a large head. Unlike the alley cat, its hair is necessarily short and tight. On the other hand, diversity is there when it comes to her dress since many patterns and colors are possible. However, it is most often tabby or bicolor.

   Although there is a great diversity of character within this black and white cat breed, the European is on the whole rather easygoing. Both eager for cuddles and perfectly capable of keeping busy when he finds himself alone, he needs one thing above all: access to the outdoors, to satisfy his taste for adventure and his need for exercise. A life exclusively in an apartment is not recommended for him, because he would be very likely to be unhappy.


  The Arabian Mau

  Although very old, the Arabian Mau is still not widespread throughout the world, despite its qualities. He is rather thin and thin, but still gives off an impression of power, especially because of his muscular body and legs. He is often red tabby but can also sport other coats, especially black and white.

  Renowned for having retained an independent character, the Arab Mau is not particularly a big fan of caressing sessions on the knees or scratching behind the ears. He is also not one to follow his masters wherever they go. On the other hand, he likes to play with them a lot and makes a very good companion for children. He also gets along with dogs; on the other hand, for other cats or smaller animals, cohabitation may be more difficult - or even come to an end.



  The Maine Coon

  Known to be the largest breed in the world, the Maine Coon has a muscular body, a medium-long and dense coat, a beautiful long tail carried high, as well as ears generally equipped with small tufts of hair at their end. It is commonly brown tabby but can sport many other kinds of coats, including black and white bicolor.

   Despite its large size, the Maine Coon is not necessarily fond of outdoor getaways and adapts perfectly to indoor life. However, he has retained a very strong hunting instinct, which means that he remains very playful even in adulthood but does not coexist well with rodents or birds. If you have to find a companion, it should be a dog or another cat.


 black and white cat breeds

  The Aphrodite

  Still very little known, the Aphrodite is a breed originating from Cyprus whose name refers to the eponymous goddess, who according to legend was also born in this country. While having a rather long and muscular body, he still retains a certain elegance in his gait. Her dress can be either one-color or two-tone - especially black and white.

  As he is tall and he needs to exert himself to be well in his head and his paws, his place is rather in a house with outdoor access than in an apartment. This does not prevent him from developing a very strong relationship with those who take care of him, and from needing their attention. However, this black and white cat breed is not particularly intrusive or possessive, unlike other affectionate cat breeds.


 black and white cat breeds

  The Turkish Van

  The Van Turk has a long, broad, well-muscled body and a beautiful, medium-length coat that is mostly white, with some black, russet, or other tint markings on the head, top of the back, and tail. . As for his eyes, they can be blue, yellow, green or even particular (i.e. two different colors).

  Although this cat looks like a stuffed animal, it is not particularly cuddly or even eager for contact. On the contrary, he is rather independent and needs time before trusting his family. That said, once the emotional bond is created, he is devoted and loyal to his masters, enjoying spending time with them and loving to follow those he feels closest to.


  The British Shorthair


  Easily recognizable by its rounded appearance and large, wide-open eyes, the British Shorthair has a muscular body perched on short but powerful legs. He is very popular in uniform gray but can wear many other kinds of dresses and colors. Either way, bright orange eyes are highly desirable.

  Appreciated for his calm and his patience, he gets along well with everyone but has a little trouble tolerating agitation and noisy children. This does not prevent him from enjoying their company: simply, it is better to teach them early to behave well with him and to treat him with respect. With the other animals in the household, on the other hand, he is extremely sociable and cohabits with dogs and cats as well as rodents or birds.


  The Scottish Fold

  The Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat, recognizable by its naturally folded forward ears which accentuate the round appearance of its head. A little less imposing than the British Shorthair, he nevertheless has a morphology quite similar to his, and like him often has orange eyes. As for its coat, it can wear quite varied dresses, including black and white.

  Known for having a favorite human in the household, the Scottish enjoys spending time with them, following them around, or even just lying next to them on the couch. He also gets along well with children, dogs, and other cats: moreover, the presence of other animals under the same roof is a good solution to prevent him from suffering from loneliness when his masters have to be away. , for example, to go to work.


  The Norwegian

  A superb long-haired feline with an impressive body, the Norwegian looks a lot like the Maine Coon and the Siberian, with which it is often confused. Like the latter, it is one of the largest breeds of cats and has a thick coat and ears often surmounted by small feather dusters. It is frequently tabby but can also be other colors, notably black and white bicolor.

   Although he looks wild and independent, the Norwegian is a gentle giant who loves nothing more than spending time with his family. Without being intrusive, he rarely says no to caresses or company, even if he knows how to occupy himself very well when he is alone. He can easily do without access to a garden but loves to climb everywhere and position himself high up to observe everything that is happening around him.


  The Ragamuffin

  Less well known than its cousin the Ragdoll from which it is also derived, the Ragamuffin has, like the latter, the appearance of a large, very soft plush. His long and muscular body is all the more impressive as he has a mid-length coat which makes him thicker. It can take on all sorts of colors and patterns but is often two-tone: black and white, gray and white...

  A perfect indoor cat, he is neither very active nor a great sportsman and much prefers spending time with his family rather than in a garden. However, this does not prevent him from enjoying playing or climbing to get up high. Moreover, as he is rather sociable and not afraid of two cents, he does not hesitate to meet strangers and gets along well with all animals, including dogs.

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