Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?: A Popular Question Among Siamese Cat Lovers

    If you love cats but are allergic to them, hypoallergenic cats might interest you. If you are curious about the most popular cat breeds, Siamese cats, you have also thought of the question: “Are Siamese cats hypoallergenic?”  These cats are often described as attractive alternatives for people with allergies. However, the science is often much more complex than that, and there are many misconceptions about hypoallergenic pets. And the fact that some companies market their pets as “hypoallergenic” further complicates matters.

   Siamese cats are sometimes categorized as hypoallergenic cats because they're supposed to shed less hair than other cats, but that's not the case. Siamese shed as much hair as any other feline, but their hair is simply smaller and finer than other cats, giving the impression that they shed less.

   However, as we will see, the amount of hair shed by Siamese cats doesn't matter. Now let's explore the answer to the question, are Siamese cats hypoallergenic?

 are Siamese cats hypoallergenic

  What scientific secret hides behind hypoallergenic cats?

   When a person has a cat allergy, they are reacting to proteins created by felines. These proteins are found in the urine, dander, and saliva of cats. All cats exhibit these characteristics and therefore all cats produce these proteins. It's impossible to find a protein-free cat, so there isn't a hypoallergenic cat (or dog).

   The amount of hair a cat has or shed has nothing to do with whether or not they are hypoallergenic. People who are allergic are not to the hair of the cat, but its skin. Whether the cat molts or not is therefore irrelevant. Any cat that has skin and dander triggers sensitive people's allergies and no cat does not produce dander.

  Hair can help dander spread because it can help it stay airborne. However, dander does just fine on its own, so it doesn't need flying hairs to cause allergies. The protein that causes cat allergies can be found just about everywhere, including places where there aren't even cats, like schools and stores. The dander probably travels on people's clothes and then settles in the environment. The hair itself does not play a big role in this process.

 are Siamese cats hypoallergenic

  Are Siamese cats hypoallergenic or can a Siamese cat be made hypoallergenic?

   All cats will produce dander and therefore continue to cause allergies. However, there are several strategies to reduce the amount of dander in your home, and therefore limit allergies.

  Although the most effective method of reducing allergies is to separate from the cat, this is not usually the solution that owners envision. Most people who develop animal allergies look for ways to lessen their symptoms without having to part with their beloved little companion. One of the solutions is to leave the cat outside, but this is not recommended by veterinarians. The lifespan of cats is drastically reduced when they are constantly outside, and you will probably still interact with the cat anyway, which will trigger your allergies.

    Even if the cat is removed from the house, the dander often stays in the house for some time. This is because it takes time for the protein concentration to be low enough to prevent allergens from showing up.

  Another solution chosen by many people is to implement intensive cleaning schedules. Cleaning the home, the curtains and carpets, cat houses and cat scratchers regularly may help. Since allergies are often caused by allergens already present in the environment, eliminating these allergens can be an effective solution since the rate at which the cat can produce dander is limited. The main problem is that the dander it produced still accumulates in your carpets.

  It is often recommended to cover mattresses and remove carpets. These areas are often home to a lot of dander, so just removing the mats can help reduce a lot of it. Wooden indoor cat furniture is the most suitable for people who has allergies. You can see some examples here

  Another solution is to bathe the cat…or not! Studies are conflicting and scientific evidence is currently confusing about whether giving a bath reduces the number of allergens produced by a pet. Not to mention that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to bathe a cat. In addition, if cats disperse a lot of allergens, they do not accumulate them in their fur, so a bath is not an effective solution.

 are Siamese cats hypoallergenic

  Final Thoughts

  Finally, if we come to the answer to the question, are Siamese cats hypoallergenic; the Siamese does not correspond to what is typically called a “hypoallergenic” cat. It sheds as much hair as any other feline, although its shorter hair is less noticeable. It also produces the same type and amount of dander as any other breed of cat, meaning it will cause the same level of allergic symptoms as any other feline.

  All cats produce a protein on their skin, in their saliva, and in their urine that causes allergic symptoms. If you're allergic to cats, don't believe ads that claim a breed of cat is hypoallergenic.

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