Maine Coon kittens: The Proper Diet and Nutrition Plan For a Healthy Kitten

Although one of the largest cats in the world, Maine Coon kittens need special care just like other kittens. Great care must be taken in their diet so that when they grow up they can be strong and healthy representatives of their kind. Let's learn how to take care of them now.

As its name suggests, this sociable and close-to-human cat originates from the state of Maine, in the northeastern United States, where it has been the state's "official cat" since 1985. The "Coon" was added to its name because its coat and tail are strongly reminiscent of those of raccoons, which is called "raccoon" in English. Although the origin of this breed is not yet known precisely, it is thought to be the result of crosses between Angora cats of sailors from the Middle East, English cats of pioneers, and Russian, Scandinavian, and American cats with short hair.

maine coon kittens

  The Maine Coon is considered the oldest cat breed in North America and was first mentioned in 1861. It was not until 1976 that the Maine Coon breed was recognized by the association of CFA (Cat Fancier's Association) cats as a purebred cat. In Europe, it is even less widespread than in the United States but is enjoying increasing popularity.

  Due to the partly inhospitable winter climate of the New England states, the Maine Shag, another name for the Maine Coon, developed into a robust medium-long-haired cat, very resistant to cold thanks to its ears and paws. very hairy. This medium to large-sized cat does not reach adult size until relatively late, around three years of age. The male can weigh between five and nine kilos and the female between four and six kilos. Over the past few decades, the breed has evolved tremendously and has grown larger and larger.

   Very sociable, attached to humans, and gentle, the Maine Coon kittens get along well with children and other pets. The bond between a Maine Coon and its master is usually very strong. Depending on their individual needs, a Maine Coon's coat can require a lot of care. And, even psychologically, your cat will feel good about his paws if you brush him at least once a week. The Maine Coon can be very dominant and lively, and he needs a lot of attention. He remains playful until old age, likes water, and can also be trained to retrieve objects. When raised as an outdoor cat, it makes a skilled hunter. However, if he is busy enough, he can also be kept as an indoor cat.

 maine coon kittens

  A healthy diet: an essential element for the good health of Maine Coon Kittens

  The Maine Coon is one of the largest cat breeds and can weigh up to nine kilograms. A few rare specimens even reach a higher weight. From an early age, be careful to give your Main Coon kitten only the quantities of food necessary for its needs. Otherwise, he risks reaching his adult weight too quickly, which will lead to bone problems. The Maine Coon naturally has a strong physique with solid musculature. Therefore, he needs enough exercise and activity, as well as a balanced diet adapted to his needs. With poor nutrition and too much unspent energy, it can easily become obese even from childhood.


  The good giant of cats

  The large Maine Coon needs to be very active. Therefore, he must eat foods that provide him with all the energy and nutrients he needs to be in good shape. However, it should not consume more calories than necessary and absorb too much energy. Maine Coons are a breed that tends to be overweight, so you have to be especially vigilant with them. A proper exercise plan along with their diet can be very beneficial to prevent obesity. While decorating your home, you can benefit from modern cat furniture where your Maine Coon can play and climb. Cat trees and cat towers will also be very useful in terms of mental stimulation. A cat whose mind and body is engaged can develop healthier eating habits.

Due to their size, they often have joint problems, especially hip and elbow joints, which can be aggravated by obesity. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the ingredients in their food, especially since their food has a minimum carbohydrate content.

 maine coon kittens

The daily ration of  Maine Coon Kittens with a healthy physics

  Older cats have special needs like Maine Coon kittens. That should be considered when choosing food. Unlike dogs, senior cats are generally of normal weight or tend to be underweight. Their activity level doesn't decrease that much compared to that of adult cats, so they usually have little or no need to reduce their energy intake. For older cats, an easily digestible diet with high-quality protein is recommended. An increase in the intake of certain nutrients and vitamins such as zinc, vitamins E and C, and carnitine can benefit the immune system of older cats. Cat houses and cat condos are of great importance in the care of your older cat, where it can rest comfortably.

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